Sunday, November 07, 2010

they are amazing...

stalker fashion mmg best..

"we can buy label but not the style.."

start from bottom to top..
xperlu beli label semahal guess, gap, MNG, levi's, F21, esprit, topshop, zara etc
x perlu spent on hundred smthg juz to wear once & simpan je dlm wdrobe, 
cheapest as rm2.50 pon boleh utk stylo..
x kisah beli kt bundle or flea market pon ok juga..
yg penting how way we style it, 
n buat sume org pandang ngn style yg ala2 label kte sendiri.. 
 haha,best kan...
tp x salah if we want to buy and have a label brand to satisfy ourself..
jgn membazir sudah..
ade $$$ beli, xde $$$ simpan dlm wish list je...



Anonymous said... this post...n ur style is always awesome...keep it up... =)

nurain izyani said...

hye whiteroses...i just noticed ur comment here...neway thax...!